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Kaya Aerial Yoga is a popular and Vata Asana certified aerial studio in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood offering all levels of aerial yoga instruction, restorative yoga classes, circus arts training on silks and lyra, and a wide variety of yoga, Ayurvedic, and other health and wellness workshops. All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified, and we offer a range of classes geared toward all skill and fitness levels.
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Kids Aerial Camp Prep

What to Bring


Parents of young children should strongly consider sending their kids to camp with an extra set of clothes. Kids will occasionally spill food on their clothes or snag an item of clothing on an apparatus, and it’s simply more comfortable for children to have an option, should they find themselves in such a situation. Having an extra set of clothes on hand can also be a good idea for older kids, who may occasionally want to throw shorts and a T-shirt over whatever they happen to be wearing on a given day. This can come in especially handy when we’re practicing certain movements that can be uncomfortable on a particular apparatus. Along with minimizing discomfort, extra clothing can sometimes also add protection.


20160507_194711Because aerial is physically demanding, we do provide kids with a snack each day. This normally consists of fresh fruit, granola bars, and similar healthy snack items. However, because kids do get hungry when being so physically active, we recommend parents pack a few additional snacks, as well as juice or a sports drink. Snack bars high in protein, fruit snacks, dried fruit and trail mixes are all good options. Where drinks are concerned, vitamin and electrolyte-enhanced drink packs are great options for kids who are resistant to drinking plain water. Also, please keep in mind that while we do have a mini-fridge on the premises, there’s simply not enough room for us to store large lunches for everyone, so please keep snacks as simple as possible.


We do recommend that you not pack soft drinks or any heavy foods high in fat. The same goes for junk food or heavily processed foods of any sort. Because kids will be inverting frequently during class, it’s worth bearing in mind that these types of foods and beverages tend to cause gastric issues like stomach upset.

What to Wear


Your children should wear form-fitting clothing in breathable, stretchy fabrics. They may also want to consider wearing a shirt that covers the underarms, as some of the wraps may cause a slight bit of discomfort at first. Cotton leggings, fitted yoga pants, tanks, T-shirts, and other yoga basics all work great, as does dance attire. Please avoid clothing with a shiny or slippery surface and anything non-breathable; these can become very uncomfortable as the detoxifying poses often stimulate a lot of sweating. If your children choose to arrive wearing pants or leggings made of thin fabric, please make sure they wear a pair of shorts over top of them.


For safety concerns, as well as to protect the hammock fabric, what NOT to wear is more of a concern. Your children will be required to remove all of the following items before entering the hammock studio:


  • Shoes
  • Jewelry of any kind, including earrings
  • Yoga socks or other yoga footwear
  • Clothing with gems, sequins, glitter, or other sharp or abrasive surfaces

Planning Meals and Snacks


Kaya Kids CampIf you’re planning to send your child (or children) to camp with a meal and/or snack, we strongly recommend taking care to ensure that their food is healthy and relatively light. Processed foods and sugary snacks won’t sit well in your child’s stomach if he or she is flipping and twisting in an aerial yoga hammock. Kids’ energy bars, granola, nuts, fruit and the like are always good choices. We do recommend, however, that students not drink anything acidic or eat for at least one hour before camp starts. If your children aren’t able to avoid eating prior to camp, we would advise that they stick to light food and relatively small meals.   


Finally, because we’ll be making light snacks available for the kids during camp, it’s very important that parents of children with food allergies make us fully aware of any health or nutritional issues their children may have.

Does Your Child Have Allergies or Medication Needs?


If your child happens to have serious allergies or medication needs of any sort, parents should advise us of these issues prior to the start of camp. This will allow us to adjust or otherwise make changes to the snacks we’ll be providing. This will also allow us to inform other parents of any snacks they should take care not to send with their kids (e.g., peanut butter).


Regarding medication, we have both a refrigerator and a lock box available for storing your child’s medication, if necessary. For everyone’s safety and security, we ask that you only send along with your child the medication that he or she will need for that particular day, and no more.


Our staff utilizes a check-in system to ensure children are given their medication as needed and on time. We keep a written record of every dispense, including the name of each child and the time at which each medication was given.

Our Behavior Policy


While we encourage children to have a fun and enjoyable experience during camp, and allow ample time for kids to play and experiment with movement and our various apparatus’, for everyone’s safety, children are required to follow our camp policies on safety. Our safety policies consist of very simple and straightforward rules, including but not limited to the following:


  • Kaya Kids CampNot using the apparatus while instructors are using ladders to adjust hammock height
  • Always watching the instructor and waiting for assistance when attempting new or complex maneuvers  
  • Following along with class at all times
  • Being kind, supportive and cooperative with other students


We don’t allow bullying, the forming of cliques, or the excluding of children based on race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. In the event of any behavioral problem or serious disruption, parents will be notified immediately. Any form of violence—hitting, kicking, biting, slapping, etc.—towards another child or instructor will not be tolerated, and may be grounds for termination of camp with no refund.


We employ only positive reinforcement as a means to prevent and address any problematic behavior, if needed. In the case of younger children, we utilize a star system wherein kids can earn star stickers by exhibiting good behavior, and can then exchange those stickers for prizes.

Our Photo- and Video-Sharing Policy


The use of cell phones will not be permitted during class, although kids aged 9 and up will be allowed to take photos and videos during permitted times. Children younger than 9 will need to have the permission of their parent or guardian before being allowed to take photos or video at any time during camp. A studio representative will also occasionally be taking photos and videos during the camps, which we’ll share in a password-protected gallery.

Our Policy for Late Arrivals and Early Departures


We kindly ask for at least 24 hours advance notice if you know your child will be late to camp on any given day, or if you know that he or she will need to leave camp early. For the safety of your children, many of our scheduled daily activities require students to participate in warm-up and cool-down exercises prior to and following class. A 24-hour advance notice, therefore, allows us to adjust our schedule and staffing as needed. It ensures that children can fully enjoy class once they arrive, or that they’re properly prepared to leave when necessary.

Kaya kids camp

Kaya Camp Director Carrie Ann

Security at the Studio


During Kaya’s Aerial Kids Camp, children will be checked in and out only by a parent or an approved guardian, such as a nanny. Parents are required to provide a list, prior to the start of camp, of any parties permitted to pick up their child or children.


For the safety of each child, photo ID is required at pickup.


During camp, two instructors will be present with the children at all times. At a minimum, one of those instructors will be CPR trained. In the event of a child falling or otherwise becoming injured, we will notify that child’s parents or guardian immediately. Along with ice packs and other necessities, we keep a First Aid Kit on hand at all times.

Home Care


It’s essential that all practitioners of aerial yoga and the aerial arts stay fully hydrated both during class and after. While we do make water available to students during camp, we also recommend that parents send their children to camp with a reusable water bottle that can be marked with their name and left at the studio for the duration of the camp.


As water goes a surprisingly long way toward preventing bruising and inflammation, we always recommend that students drink lots of water once they arrive home, and for several hours after. It can’t be emphasized enough: Drinking water and staying hydrated is crucially important for aerial students.

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