Kaya Aerial Yoga | Kaya Aerial Yoga Class Fees and Studio Memberships
Kaya Aerial Yoga and Circus offers a variety of affordable and flexible payment options including drop-in rates, class cards, passes, and monthly memberships.
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Class Fees & Memberships

Whether you’re visiting Kaya for the first time or you’re a regular around the studio, we have a variety of flexible and affordable drop-in rates, class cards, and memberships to meet your needs.  Generally speaking, the more you frequent the studio, the less you’ll pay per class. For those of you who just can’t get enough time in the hammocks, our membership pricing offers the very lowest per class rates, in addition to a variety of other perks. More information on our single class and drop in rates, class cards, passes, and memberships can be found on our Studio Policies page.

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Kaya Aerial Yoga Circus Carrie Ann Heron Pose

While more expensive per class than Kaya memberships and class cards, our single class and drop-in rates are perfect for newcomers to the studio, those visiting from out of town, and clients with schedules that don’t allow them to attend class frequently. We’re always happy to welcome new faces to the studio and share our love of the aerial arts with new clients.

Aerial Yoga & Circus Class: $20 (Individuals)

Single Classes can be used to pay for any of our regularly scheduled aerial yoga, conditioning, hammock dance, and circus classes. This class rate requires clients to reserve and purchase their class or classes in advance, either online or by phone.

Aerial Yoga & Circus Class (Drop In): $25

Drop In Classes are for clients who attend class without advanced reservations or class purchases, provided open space is available in class.  As many of our classes fill up quickly, we strongly recommend all clients make advance reservations whenever possible.  Due to our small class sizes, we are unable to “hold” or “save” unpaid spots for drop in clients.

One Week Unlimited Classes (New Clients): $39

Clients new to Kaya Aerial Yoga can enjoy a one-time introductory offer and enjoy One Full Week of Unlimited Classes for just $39.  For less than the price of two classes, we invite and encourage our newest aerialists to try all of the aerial yoga, aerial conditioning, circus, dance, and restorative classes we have to offer. There are no daily limits or restricted times, so new clients can check out our most popular classes, mingle with long-time regulars, quickly condition to the silks, and develop a better idea as to where they want to take their aerial practice.

Community Floor Yoga Drop-In: $7.50

Community floor yoga classes are priced on a Suggested Donation Drop-In basis. Drop-in Donations in the amount of $10, $15, and $20 are also available, and 100% of proceeds from these classes go toward either the instructor or charity of their choosing.

Class cards are a great way for clients to enjoy more classes at a lower per class cost from our regular drop-in rates.  Kaya Class Cards are perfect for clients who plan on attending the studio for just one or two classes a week but aren’t yet ready or able to make the commitment of membership. By request, we also now offer a monthly unlimited pass for clients who desire unlimited classes but can’t or prefer not to sign up for recurring monthly membership payments.

5 Class Card: $85

Enjoy five of any of our regularly scheduled aerial yoga, conditioning, dance, or circus lyra and silks classes for a cost of $17 per class by purchasing our 5 Class Card. 5 Class Cards expire two months (60 days) after purchase.

10 Class Card: $150

Enjoy ten of any of our regularly scheduled aerial yoga, conditioning, dance, or circus lyra and silks classes for $15 per class by purchasing our 10 Class Card. 10 Class Cards expire three months (90 days) after purchase.

25 Class Card: $250

Enjoy twenty five of any of our regularly scheduled aerial yoga, conditioning, dance, or circus lyra and silks classes for a cost of just $10 per class by purchasing our 25 Class Card. 25 Class Cards expire our months (120 days) after purchase.

Unlimited Monthly Pass: $159

Take advantage of an entire month of our regularly scheduled aerial classes – including aerial yoga, conditioning, dance, and circus – without the commitment of a monthly membership. Our Unlimited Monthly Pass is truly unlimited and will allow you to enjoy multiple classes a day for a full month (at just about $5 per class).  This is a great option for clients working toward particular aerial or other fitness goal. Unlimited Monthly Passes expire one month (30 days) after purchase.

By committing to Kaya Aerial Yoga for a period of six months, you’ll enjoy our lowest prices along with a number of other membership perks and discounts.  We offer convenient membership tiers to meet every clients aerial goals and budget. All of our memberships provide access to all of our regularly scheduled aerial yoga, conditioning, dance, and circus classes, with no limitation on class times or the number of classes members can take per day (within their allotted monthly limit). All memberships can be cancelled at any time after the initial six month commitment period is met. Please review our Studio Policies to learn more about our membership terms, conditions, and commitment periods.

Please note that Kaya Memberships must be purchased through your online account in order for you to authorize the recurring monthly membership fee. To purchase a membership, simply click on our Shop link, then navigate to the Online Store tab. From our Online Store, you can select the Contracts link from the menu below, then choose either the Starter, Basic, or Unlimited Membership from the dropdown menu that will be displayed on the main area of the page. If you have any trouble purchasing a membership, please Contact Us, and either Carrie, Dan, or one of Kaya’s instructors can help you through the process.

All Kaya Aerial Yoga members enjoy the following studio perks:

  1. Ability to book classes up to six months in advance to ensure you always get in your favorite classes.
  2. Early access to workshop and event registration.
  3. Savings of 5-15% on workshops, special events, and even our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) program.
  4. Preferred scheduling and savings of 5-15% on private, duo, trio, and group appointments, including private parties and other special events.
  5. Occasional gifts and promotional offers.
  6. Member reward system earns points on every purchase and client referral to use towards future purchases.
  7. Ability to attend studio outside of class time for individual practice (Unlimited Memberships only).

Starter Membership: $69/Month

Enjoy up to eight (8) classes each month at a big discount from our drop-in and class card pricing (just $8.63/class) with our Starter Membership. This is a great budget friendly membership for students and other yogis just beginning their aerial practice.  It’s also a great way to augment regular private instruction appointments. As a starter member you’ll also receive a 5% discount on all other services.

Basic Membership: $89/Month

Enjoy a thorough aerial yoga practice of up to twelve (12) classes per month for an affordable price (just $7.41/class) with our Basic Membership. This is a great membership for clients just beginning to advance in their aerial practice, but who aren’t quite yet ready to commit to a daily training and conditioning schedule. Basic members also enjoy a savings of 10% off the purchase of other services.

Unlimited Membership: $139/Month

Enjoy truly unlimited classes with our Unlimited Membership, and take your aerial practice to new heights ($4.94 or less per class). This is the ideal membership for clients who enjoy daily class (or multiple daily classes) as well as clients who are growing their aerial practice beyond yoga.  Unlimited members also enjoy a savings of 15% off the purchase of other goods and services. Our Unlimited Membership is a must for clients who are considering or currently enrolled in our Aerial Yoga Teaching Training (AYTT) program, as this is our only membership that allows clients to schedule and attend the studio to work on their own practice during off hours when other classes and privates aren’t scheduled.

Kaya Aerial Yoga is pleased to provide an array of unique and high quality workshops on a monthly basis.  We regularly offer acroyoga, floor yoga, aerial yoga, aerial dance, and circus workshops taught by talented instructors from around the greater Philadelphia region and beyond.  Many of our workshops include live music, special keepsakes, and other unique elements that help make our events both enjoyable and memorable.

Most of our workshops run between 2 and 3 hours long and cost $25 – $50. All Kaya members receive membership discounts, and we offer an early bird discount for other clients who register within a certain window in advance. For a list of upcoming workshops and prices, please visit our Event & Workshops page.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) program is offered each Spring and Fall by invitation only.  If you are interested in becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor or completing our aerial certification program, please complete the form on our Contact Us page, and we will be in touch with further details and requirements.