Kaya Aerial Yoga | Parties & Events
Kaya Aerial Yoga is a popular and Vata Asana certified aerial studio in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood offering all levels of aerial yoga instruction, restorative yoga classes, circus arts training on silks and lyra, and a wide variety of yoga, Ayurvedic, and other health and wellness workshops. All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified, and we offer a range of classes geared toward all skill and fitness levels.
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Parties & Events

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There’s nothing particularly fun or easy about organizing a fitness-friendly birthday party or bachelorette party for upwards of 12 people. That probably has a lot to do with the popularity of the private aerial yoga parties and events we host here at Kaya: Your guests will have a wonderful time while immersed in an activity they’ve probably never tried before, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just show up and enjoy yourselves: That’s about all there is to it!

Bachelorette Parties & Birthday Parties: What Do They Include?

First things first: Your private bachelorette or birthday party class includes the exclusive use of the studio for two hours, and for the most part, you’re free to decide how you’d like to spend that time. The aerial yoga class itself usually lasts about 90 minutes, because most groups like to relax, eat,  drink, and otherwise celebrate once the class is over. Some groups bring along champagne, gifts, cake, or other snacks and drinks. But if you and your group would like your class to last a little longer, or to end a little sooner, that’s up to you.
One important note: Any eating or drinking your group does will need to take place after class, not before. Doing strenuous physical activity on a full stomach is rarely a good idea, and some aerial maneuvers, such as inversions, can lead to nausea for some people.

Intention-Setting, Photos & Refreshments

  • Our birthday and bachelorette parties begin with a brief but very unique and meaningful Intention-Setting Ceremony that’s led by the class instructor. Guests write their intentions for the bride-to-be or birthday celebrant in small booklets, which are then placed inside a lovely, handmade wooden keepsake box.
  • We’ll take photos of you and your group in action throughout your class. If you’d like, you can take posed photos and group photos when the class is over. We’ll share all the photos with you via a secure Dropbox link, and you’ll be welcome to post them on social media, or to use them in whichever other way you’d like
  • We serve light refreshments after class—usually some combination of mixed fruit and our beloved Kaya Kale Salad. We may also serve juice or tea.

What Else Should You Expect?

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You and your guests will probably find it helpful to visit the What To Expect page on our website. The page includes a range of useful information about the aerial yoga class experience. If you’re organizing a group class at Kaya, we strongly suggest emailing a link to the page to everyone who will be attending.


Small Group Private Class (4-6 people)

  • 2 Hours: $250

Large Group Private Class (7-12 people)

  • 2 Hours: $350
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Booking Your Private Party or Event

It is currently not possible to book Private Parties or Events online. Instead, you’ll need to contact the studio directly. (Call or text us at 215-550-5344.) When you contact us, we’ll ask you when you’d like your event to be held, and we’ll then take a look at our upcoming schedule to see which open slots of time we have available.

Please also keep in mind that our Private Parties and Events are most certainly not limited to bachelorette and birthday parties! If you’d like to celebrate something else in style, get in touch and let us know what you have in mind. There’s a decent chance we’ll be able to work something out.

Contacting the Studio


Although our studio is located in a parking lot, we’re sorry to say that it’s a private lot with no spaces available for Kaya Aerial Yoga clients. Should you park in the lot, having your vehicle towed is a real possibility. Metered street parking is available nearby on North 3rd Street, Race Street, North 2nd Street, and Arch Street. Parking garages located within walking distance of the studio include Old City Parkominium at 231 N 2nd St, and SafeParc at 304-310 Race St. More Old City parking options can be found here.