Kaya Aerial Yoga | Current Offers & Promotions
Kaya Aerial Yoga is a popular and Vata Asana certified aerial studio in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood offering all levels of aerial yoga instruction, restorative yoga classes, circus arts training on silks and lyra, and a wide variety of yoga, Ayurvedic, and other health and wellness workshops. All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified, and we offer a range of classes geared toward all skill and fitness levels.
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Current Offers & Promotions

Take Flight, Get Fit & Enjoy our Special Sales for the Holiday Season!

Click on the links in the offers below to add any deal directly to your shopping cart, or visit our MindBody Studio site, navigate to the Online Store tab, and use the promotional codes below during the checkout process to take advantage of our current promotions and offers. Please note that some promotions are limited in quantity, and promotional pricing and other special offers may be changed at any time.

Attention Kaya Regulars and Members!

Due to the popularity of recent promotions, we will continue to extend all current promotions and offers to existing clients in good standing by delaying the start date of your purchase until your current class card or membership expires. Please contact the studio if you would like to take advantage of any of our current offers in this manner.



    * * *

    Here at Kaya Aerial Yoga, our annual Black Friday sales are known as Bright Friday sales, and they’re valid for four days only: Friday Nov 23 through Monday Nov 26.

    Don’t forget: Because these deals are so good, we’re only making a limited number available. When they’re gone, that’s it. So if you’re interested, grab your favorite deal while you still can!

    * * *

    Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Every Class Card We Offer

    Buy any class card we offer, and receive a second class card of equal value for free! We’re happy to extend the expiration date of either or both cards, so that the expiration period won’t begin until you’re ready to start using each respective card. 

    * BOGO 30 Class Card – Only 3 Available (Save $250) 

    * BOGO 20 Class Card – Only 5 Available (Save $200) 

    * BOGO 10 Class Card – Only 10 Available (Save $150) 

    * BOGO 5 Class Card – Only 20 Available (Save $85) 


    Important! These BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals can only be paid for with Venmo or cash, so you’ll need to text or call the Kaya studio at 215-550-5344 if you’re interested. (Texts are best, but if you call and we don’t answer, leave us a message and we’ll call you back ASAP!)  

    * * *

    Available Online: Save 20% off Everything We Offer!
    Simply enter the promo code MERRYANDBRIGHT20 when checking out online during Bright Friday Weekend (Nov. 23-26), and you’ll save 20% off anything Kaya offers: Drop-in classes, memberships, class cards, gift cards—you name it! 
     * * * 


  • The following holiday season deals are being made available in very limited quantities, and when they’re gone, that’s it. If you’re interested, grab ‘em while you can!
    * * *
    Unlimited Six-Month Membership for $500 - Only 3 Available (Save $220) 
    For six consecutive months, you’ll enjoy a completely unlimited number of classes at Kaya Aerial Yoga—any class you’d like to take, whenever you’d like to take it. And naturally, you’ll save big in the process.
    * * *
     Unlimited Annual Membership for $750 - Only 1 Available (Save $450)
    For just one lucky student, we’ll be discounting the price of our Unlimited Annual Membership by more than a third! (This membership is regularly priced at $1200.) As with all our unlimited memberships, you’ll enjoy a completely unlimited number of classes with this 12-month pass. 
    * * * 
    100-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) Registration for $1000 – Only 1 Available (Save $900)
    This crazy-good deal—it’s far and away the best deal we offer all year—will get you a spot in our next highly-regarded Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program, which is currently scheduled to start in the spring season of 2019. Please feel free to text or call the studio at 215-550-5344 for details about the AYTT program.
    * * * 


  • Want Free Money on Your Kaya Gift Card?

    Actually, it’s easy: Throughout the holiday season, we’ll be giving our customers an extra $20 for every $100 they spend on a Kaya gift card. You can add the extra $20 onto your gift card, or you can have it made into its own gift card. Your choice!


     Our Popular Handmade Gift Boxes are Now Available for Sale!

    If you’ve ever attended a bachelorette party class at Kaya, you’re probably familiar with the lovely handmade gift boxes that are used in our intention-setting ceremonies. Due to many repeated requests, we’ve decided to make the boxes available for sale during the holiday season. And while you’re welcome to purchase a box all by itself, with nothing in it, we think they look especially nice as Kaya Aerial Yoga gift card holders.  

    More details and information coming soon…


  • We offer the following savings and deals all year long, even if no other sales or promotions happen to be on offer at the time.


    (1) 5-10% savings when paying with Venmo or cash

    We always offer our customers a 5% savings when paying with Venmo or cash, but occasionally, under certain circumstances, that discount grows to 10%. We’ll always let you know when the Venmo/cash discount will be at 10%, but if you’re not sure, feel free to ask. 

    * * *

    (2) Offers on Unlimited Class Passes for new Kaya students

    Our 7 Day Unlimited Class Pass for new Kaya students is a great deal at just $30, which gets you all the classes you can handle in a consecutive, 7-day period. Click the link below to purchase.

    If a week of aerial yoga isn’t enough for you, no problem: We also offer brand-new Kaya students the option of a 1 Month Unlimited Class Pass for just $85. For 30 days straight, you’re welcome to take as many classes as you’d like with this pass. Click the link below to purchase.


    7-Day Unlimited Class Pass for New Kaya Students | 30 Day Unlimited Class Pass for New Kaya Students

    * * *

    (3) Year-Round Savings for Our Members

    If you purchase a traditional Kaya membership plan—one of our pre-paid, multi-month plans, for instance, or any of our memberships that require a six-month commitment—you’ll be able to save anywhere from 5% to 15% off all our other services. Whether you’re interested in our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) Program, any of our multi-day or multi-week workshops, or any other service we may be offering, being a Kaya member is a guarantee that you’ll pay anywhere from 5% to 15% less than you otherwise would. Scroll to the bottom of our homepage, at KayaAerialYoga.com, to learn about our various membership options.