Kaya Aerial Yoga | Holidays at Kaya: Personalized Cards & Private Parties
During the upcoming holiday season, Philadelphia's Kaya Aerial Yoga will be offering personalized holiday cards, aerial yoga holiday parties and private classes, and much more.
Kaya Aerial Yoga, aerial yoga, holiday cards, holiday parties
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Holidays at Kaya: Personalized Cards & Private Parties

Kaya Aerial Yoga, holiday cards, Christmas cards

30 Nov Holidays at Kaya: Personalized Cards & Private Parties

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us!


But as of today, Thanksgiving is literally just three weeks away. Here at Kaya, we’ve already begun getting ready for the season by scheduling private aerial yoga holiday parties, and by brainstorming ideas for a whole slew of new aerial workshops, kids programs, new and unusual events, special sales and deals, and lots more.

As always, following our various social media accounts is the best and quickest way for you to find out about new classes and other offerings, and to snag limited-time-only special deals before anyone else even hears about them. If you’re not following us already, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram at @kayaaerialyoga, and on Facebook at fb.com/kayaaerialyoga.

Aside from social media, the Kaya blog, Birds of Paradise, will be the best way to stay in the loop during the holiday season, as we introduce everything from new retail sales to holiday party packages. To kick things off, we’d like to tell you about a new service we’ve just begun offering; it’s available even to those of you who’ve never taken an aerial class in your lives!

Have Your Holiday Cards Made at Kaya!

Yeah, we know: Holiday cards are a bit of a goofy tradition, but they’ve become a tradition for a reason: Most everyone enjoys them. Especially for loved ones you haven’t seen in ages, an annual holiday card is the perfect way to let friends and family know what you’ve been up to over the past year: any accomplishments you’ve achieved, any new adventures you’ve experienced, or any changes your life has undergone, significant or otherwise.

Fly above the crowd this year by having your family holiday photo taken in the silks right here at Kaya. If you’re not familiar with aerial yoga, we’ll start by teaching you some aerial basics. Then we’ll get you posed and put together a few nice compositions before snapping away, and providing you with a large selection of high-resolution digital photos to choose from.

What’s more, we’ll include complimentary aerial yoga classes with each holiday card package you purchase, allowing you to return to Kaya and expand your aerial beginnings.

Here are our three different holiday card options, which are sure to fit every family’s needs and budget:

Digital Package: $95 | This option includes one hour of studio time for aerial instruction and portraits. You’ll select up to three different digital photos. One drop-in class pass is included.

Simple Greeting Card: $175 | This option includes one hour of studio time for aerial instruction and portraits. You’ll be shown three different custom designs, from which you’ll choose one. You’ll received 25 printed and folded 5×7 holiday cards with blank A7 envelopes (your choice of white or Kraft paper color envelopes). Two drop-in class passes are included.

Custom Greeting Card with Family Logo: $350 | This option includes one hour of studio time for aerial instruction and portraits. You’ll receive a custom designed card with your family name displayed in striking logo-style typography. You’ll be allowed up to three revisions of the card’s design. You’ll receive 25 printed and folded 5×7 cards with blank A7 envelopes (your choice of white or Kraft paper color envelopes). Five drop-in class passes are included.

Book Your Holiday Aerial Party Now!

What would the holiday season be without holiday parties? As it happens, our spots for private group classes and parties are already beginning to fill up for the holiday season, so contact us as soon as possible if you’d like to hold a holiday party at Kaya—or even a private class—between now and the beginning of the year. All parties (birthday parties, bachelorette parties, etc.) can accommodate up to 12 people, and rates start at $350.

  • $350 Parties: This price includes the class itself, along with photos (candid photos during class and posed photos afterwards), and light refreshments.
  • $400 Parties: Includes everything listed above, along with an assortment of light snacks and a fresh fruit plate.

(Add $25 per person for henna tattoos after class. Add $20 per person for keepsake Kaya Aerial Yoga tank tops.)


What’s the difference between a party and a private group class? A private group class is just that: a class. No extras (such as photos or refreshments) are included.

  • Small Group Private Class: 4 to 6 people ($150 for 1 hour; $250 for 2 hours)
  • Large Group Private Class: 7 to 12 people ($200 for 1 hour; $350 for 2 hours)

Stay tuned to Kaya’s Birds of Paradise blog over the next couple weeks, as we’ll be announcing more special retail offerings, Black Friday deals, and a few other surprises you definitely won’t want to miss. Until then, we’ll see you in the silks!

Dan Eldridge
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